Security can wait SIM cards can’t

JAMMU:Even as it is becoming difficult for a common citizen of the State to acquire new SIM card in the absence of Aadhar card and other relevant documents, more and more Rohingyas have been using multiple SIM cards of different private mobile phone companies without facing any scrutiny.
Visit any plot in Narwal Bala, Bathindi, Vidhata Nagar, Kargil Colony or Burmese Market, Rohingyas can be easily spotted fiddling with their mobile phones and playing games in kiosks.
As per norms, every consumer is supposed to submit address and identity proof along with photographs to the service provider. The private mobile service providers also keep a close watch on the activities of their retail outlets and follow strict guidelines, issued by the security agencies.
But all these Rohingyas have in their wallet, in the name of identity proof, a card issued by the office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
Still acquiring a SIM card is a dam easy job for them. The facility is available to them even at their door-step and they don’t even submit any address proof. It not only raises serious security concerns but brings into scanner conduct of the private mobile service providers, who have been distributing these SIM cards without completing necessary formalities. Handiwork of some insiders sitting in these mobile telephony companies cannot be ruled out as it is impossible to escape routine scrutiny in the absence of valid documents.
The younger generation is using the medium to stay updated with latest developments happening around the world, especially related to return to their own country.
In other cases, Rohingyas are using the mobile phone network to brief their sympathisers about their daily routine and seek their intervention in matters of importance.
Mostly, senior clerics who gather inside Madrassas everyday also stay in touch with their seniors via mobile phone in Delhi and other places across India.
Rohingyas are also using various social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to stay connected with their sympathisers and others in touch with them.
In clusters where Rohingyas have been staying, several youth have even opened mobile repairing shops and earn Rs 200-300 per day by repairing devices. Others have been selling these SIM cards. In certain cases even some of the local shopkeepers in the area have been selling SIM cards at a premium to earn their livelihood.
During day time, the young boys can be seen spending leisure in small hotels playing online games on their mobiles. For recharge they visit Narwal area to add value to their pre paid cards.
According to reports, some of the well connected Rohingyas have been procuring these SIM cards of private mobile companies by exploiting well connected sympathisers. Some Srinagar based NGOs have also deployed their volunteers to process their cases and issued them SIM cards. Ironically, till date the local police authorities have not arrested any individual involved in the business of selling SIM cards to Rohingyas, staying here across different residential plots.

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